Day 1-3

Unfortunately I have not had a free moment to add to my blog, because I have been leveling in Early-Access every waking moment.  I figured now that the servers are down for a few hours I will add some things to my blog.  I came into the playing field at 4P.M. EST on Saturday with the ambitions of someone aiming for 80 in the first week.  By 6 P.M. I was starting to feel extremely ill.  By 7 P.M. I had a bucket sitting next to my computer while I was leveling.  Somewhere around 9 I just couldn’t do it anymore and I went to bed with a bucket half full of vomit just chilling next to my rig.  Woke up at 1 A.M., logged on, and much to my dismay realized that the majority of my guild had passed me up and were rocking in their early 20s or some had even reached 30.  From there I went from level 13 to 20 in about 5 hours.  Then grouped up with some guildies and grinded for a little bit then split off and soon it was only me Boshi and Loknaster grinding our way up.  Once I hit level 32 I logged off and it was around at 5 A.M. EST on Monday morning and slept for about 8 hours.  Then logged on and leveled to 34 right before servers went down.  Questing with Guild Member Pierce


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