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Just to clarify things it wasn’t as much as a nerf as they claim a bug fix.  Yes, it is limited to only one now and there is a 60 second cd timer to cast the next one and the idol disappears after 50 seconds.


Well… They Did It

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So after logging back in I realized that they have now nerfed the “totems” and have since greatly affected the way I will be playing my character.  I will just have to adjust for leveling purposes but it really sucks that they have already started beating classes with the nerf stick.  It is pure utter crap.

Set’tar’s Blogspot

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Many people have been viewing both my site and my good friend Set’tar’s we both are very excited to see how many people have taken an interest in our sites.  So please keep checking back on our sites every other day or so as you can expect much more and greater things to come.


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This is a topic that really grinds my gears. I have heard several people complaining about the Tempest of Set needing a nerf. More specifically the Idol of Set ability which is referred to as “totems.” People seem to think that they need a nerf because that do “massive” amounts of damage. Well that’s where they are wrong they do not do that much damage. People see a TOS dropping 10-15 totems around him and think wow that’s so overpowered. Think about this the reason we are dropping so many is because one wouldn’t make any difference at all. We need that many for our aoe grinding. Which besides doing some quests is the most efficient way for a Tempest to level. So I say to anyone who believes that funcom will nerf “totems” in the next few weeks your an idiot. I am willing to put money down that they will not be nerfed at least until siege warfare starts up and it becomes impossible for anyone to enter a Castle with 80 totems from 5 Tempests sitting at the door. It just wouldn’t be good for business to say, “hey we extended the release from March to May but were still not done messing around with classes. They will at least wait a couple months.

Day 1-3

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Unfortunately I have not had a free moment to add to my blog, because I have been leveling in Early-Access every waking moment.  I figured now that the servers are down for a few hours I will add some things to my blog.  I came into the playing field at 4P.M. EST on Saturday with the ambitions of someone aiming for 80 in the first week.  By 6 P.M. I was starting to feel extremely ill.  By 7 P.M. I had a bucket sitting next to my computer while I was leveling.  Somewhere around 9 I just couldn’t do it anymore and I went to bed with a bucket half full of vomit just chilling next to my rig.  Woke up at 1 A.M., logged on, and much to my dismay realized that the majority of my guild had passed me up and were rocking in their early 20s or some had even reached 30.  From there I went from level 13 to 20 in about 5 hours.  Then grouped up with some guildies and grinded for a little bit then split off and soon it was only me Boshi and Loknaster grinding our way up.  Once I hit level 32 I logged off and it was around at 5 A.M. EST on Monday morning and slept for about 8 hours.  Then logged on and leveled to 34 right before servers went down.  Questing with Guild Member Pierce